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  1. Readme.txt

Readme.txt:   nach oben
===================== STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 PROJECT =====================
======================== FINAL ( By Syth ) =========================

- PC version of Star Wars Battlefront II
- 1.3 Patch for Battlefront II ( viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14483 )
- Uninstallation of other Addon-mods from "Addon" folder (BFP does not interfere with Conversion Pack)

- Unzip "BFP" into "Star Wars Battlefront IIGameDataAddon" directory

- Select either "Battlefront Project" era on any originally shipped map (Should be on bottom of era list)
- "Conquest" mode is supported for all shipped maps
- "Hero Assault" mode supported for Mos Eisly, Naboo, Coruscant (Both CW and GCW)
- "Hunt" mode supported for Kashyyyk and Geonosis
- "Space Assault" supported for Space Hoth, Yavin, Kashyyyk and Mygeeto

- My custom sides
- Tons of new and revamped weapons and units
- Many new models and fx
- Improved AI


StarWars Battlefront 2 & Modtools --- Pandemic/LucasArts
GameToast -- Guru
Converting/helping with my models/magna guard chunks ---AceMastermind
ConverisonPack Hero/Vehicle Assets --- Conversion Pack Team
ML Kashyyyk Assets --- Dragonum, Jawakiller, Bertie
Light Saber hilts --- Broken_Hope
Twilek Mercinary --- Caleb
Fixed Weapon Icons Tut --- FragMe
Clone addons, Model conversions --- Wazmol
Converted JK Models --- Z13
Rep Assassin skin --- ARC_Commander
Shock-trooper skin --- DooFi
41st trooper skin --- Alex533
DC-15 blaster --- OOM-9
DC-17 Blasters --- kinetosimpetus
WESTAR-M5 --- Lord Bertie
T-21 Rifle --- Monsoontide/Darth-Z
Royal Guard --- Eric Landreneau/Darth-Z
Clone Assassin source --- Pinguin/Amen, Falco
BlackHole Trooper Skin --- Sattis
Republc Commando Assets --- NeoMarz, MajinRevan, Qdin, DarthD.U.C.K
DC-15side arm --- Dragonum
DC-17m ICW models --- VF501
DC-15A Rifle, EE-3 Carbine --- Pahricida
EMP and sonic grenades, Proton charge, Snowtrooper Pack, Pistol Animations -- DarthD.U.C.K
Trando Repeater, Shotgun, Flechette Gun, HD Jettrooper -- Repsharpshooter
Ion Rifle -- CodaRez/B.I.G_Cookie
Sporting Blaster -- CodaRez
Commander Cody -- DEVISS/Icemember/RepSharpShooter/FragMe/Qdin/Vyse/NeoMarz
Rebel Sabateur -- DEVISS/B.I.G_Cookie
Rocket Droid -- DEVISS
SFOR carbine -- Fai222

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