Star Wars Battlefront II AdminCommands QuickReference

Dieser Download ist ein Dokument, welches AdminCommands in Star Wars Battlefront II erklärt. AdminCommands erlauben es einen Server oder im Mehrspielermodus selbst gestartetes Spiel über die Chat-Funktion zu administrieren. Das Dokument ist eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche und Erweiterung von Carpaltunnals ursprünglich Englischen Dokument.

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Das folgende Info-Dokument ist im Download enthalten:

SWBFII_AdminCommands_german_quickreference_v1.1.txt: nach oben

Star Wars Battlefront II AdminCommands QuickReference
Version 1.1

This file is a PDF document, which explains the usage of Admin commands for Battlefront II server.


Actually it's a translation with a few added things of Carpaltunnal's QuickReference which you can find here:

UPDATE v1.1:
I added an explanation of the game modes XL and Campaign, which I forgot. Pretty useful is the campaign mode - you can play the campaign with all it's objectives as seen in singleplayer in multiplayer with the help of the admin commands.

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader
Can be downloaded for free here: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

If you wish to contact me, dunno why you should do so, but if you want to feel free to write me an E-Mail: sop.basti.schindler@live.de

Since Carpaltunnal did the main work, you have to ask him. As far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you want with this file (except claiming it as your own) - but my name (and of course Carpaltunnal's too) has to be mentioned!

Don't forget, I'm only the translator of the document. Carpaltunnal made the whole work, translation was finished in a very short time.

So, the credits are:

Carpaltunnal, for the main work
Me, for translating
And James Cameron, because he made the movie Avatar 

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