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 Star Wars Battlefront II

     No HUD Mod v1.1

     by _DeltaForce_

This is a simple modification of the ingame.lvl which disables all HUD (Heads-Up-Display) elements. You can choose whether to leave in mission objective and CTF HUD elements or to remove everything that wouldn't be there if you'd be standing on this very battlefield for yourself (and not wearing a helmet with build-in HUD ).

Can be used as some sort of "cinematic mode", very suitable when you want to make ingame footage without HUD elements.


 * fixed target hint still displaying on space battles above destroyable ship components and fighters
 + added option to leave in objective and capture-the-flag on-screen elements


The command post capture icon is still visible when capturing a command post.


Simply replace you ingame.lvl file in \GameData\data\_lvl_pc with one of the ingame.lvl files in this download.
Make sure to backup the file before replacing it so you can revert your SWBF2 to get your HUD back.

Choose the file in the folder with_objectives_and_flag to have objective and CTF HUD elements still displayed (so you know where to go to in a campaign mission or in CTF without having to open the map). If you do not want to have any HUD elements visible whatsoever choose the file inside without_objectives_and_flag.

* In most cases  is: C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II


As this modification is client-sided it should be compatible to multiplayer, so you can play with other people online who do not have it installed. However, playing online without any HUD may prove somewhat difficult 

You may do with this mod what you want to as far as I am concerned. If you need a customized version of this mod (for example if you want to have some of the HUD elements still visible) feel free to write me an eMail: sop.basti.schindler@live.de

    LucasArts/Pandemic of course 

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